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I first heard from Bluestone on Tuesday, November 15th, 2005 while in meditation. Bluestone told me that Bluestone would like me to channel his inspirational spiritual messages and to make them available to everyone.

Bluestone also told me that he was going to address the subject of “Universal Consciousness.” As I had no idea what that was I was a little apprehensive. However, I agreed for I had been channeling various entities since 2004.

I chose the name of Bluestone because of a large piece of blue glass slag that came from the bottom of a glassblowers vat. I had purchased it a few years before and had placed it at the base of a bamboo plant in my Japanese/Zen type meditation garden (you can see it quite clearly if you will click on “Meditation Garden” and look to the right of the fountain). As I usually name the entities that I channel and as I had been looking at the blue slag during meditation I decided to name this particular entity Bluestone. He was quite happy to be known in this way. In fact, I like to think that Bluestone is winking at me through this piece of glass and that is why his “face” adorns the cover of this book.

          The first 100 messages from Bluestone as channeled by Basil Bristow (with art work by Pamela Migliore)

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